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Eberspacher, Webasto and Heating

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As one of the very few agents of both Eberspacher and Webasto, we offer nothing but the best quality when it comes to heating and have a proven track record of fitting, repairing and servicing a wide variety of heaters.

We have heating options to suit leisure vehicles, such as motorhomes, which boast low power and fuel consumption and use very little space. Including those which use an independent fuel supply from the vehicle’s own tank, meaning no extra bottles, canisters or components are needed. Allowing you to use your heating system worldwide while travelling.

Our extensive range of heating options means we also have the ideal solutions for your commercial needs. From vans to P.S.V.s and H.G.V.s we have low fuel and low power consumption systems to suit. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, whatever your industry, we can help.

Our heating solutions also extend to marine applications. We specialise in retrofitting heating systems to marine vessels. So you can enjoy the comfort of heating with the added advantage of reducing damp problems.

As climate control systems become more and more popular, we also offer a wide range of aftermarket services and repairs on a huge range of vehicles.

Our company has over 40 years experience in the auto electrical industry and we have a dedicated staff of specialists happy to help with any queries you may have. We’re always happy to answer your questions either over the phone on 01772 555011 or by email at workshop@ribblesdaleauto.co.uk.



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