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Electrical Repairs

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As an auto electrical specialist for over 40 years, you can be sure that we are able to help with a huge range of electrical repairs. Our diagnostics use the latest technology and our vast experience means we are one of the the best auto electrical specialists within the north west.

From batteries to starters and alternators, if you have problems starting your vehicle we can help.

Our lighting range is huge and we offer solutions to suit every vehicle from your car to a HGV and everything in between. Whether it’s your headlights, work lights, interior lighting or indicators we can replace or repair it.

Parrot, phone and bluetooth kits are becoming increasingly popular in all vehicles and our comprehensive knowledge and range means we are able to repair most kits or offer a solution to suit you.

ABS and Air Bags are an integral safety feature of a huge range of vehicles and any problems with your ABS system or Air Bags need to be resolved efficiently. Our experience means we can offer a professional, reliable and efficient repair service on a wide range of vehicles, from HGVs to PSVs and cars.

The range of electrical repairs we can carry out is huge, from commercial vehicles, plant repairs, wiring and tow bars, whatever your electrical problem just give us a call on 01772 555011 or email us at workshop@ribblesdaleauto.co.uk.



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